Back to Turku again

The bus leaves at 8.30 am. I’ll be in Turku at 2.15 pm. That gives me 45 minutes before I have to go get the key to the room where I’ll be sleeping tonight. School from 6 pm to 9 pm, at least according to the e-mail we got. But in reality, who knows. I hope we get away from there sometimes after 8 pm.

Tomorrow we should have lessons from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm! That sounds weird… We usually have until 4.30 pm. If I can’t leave earlier, I have to wait a few more hours in Turku and take the bus that leaves 8.30 pm tomorrow and I will be home at 2.15 am! So I really hope there’s been some mistake in the e-mail. The afternoon bus leaves at 5.10 pm and arrives in Vasa at 11 pm.

Woke up at 4 am this morning to watch the Formula 1 free practices from South Korea. I realized yesterday that Asian weekends means early mornings. And sure enough, 4 am they started driving. Only a few seconds left of the free practice Kimi Räikkönen hit the wall… Ouch! Lotus will have plenty of work to rebuild the car before the next practice session.

If I have to take the late night bus home tomorrow, I will only get a few hours sleep in my own bed, as the Grand Prix starts at 9 am on Sunday morning.

Just warmed up some bread buns in the oven. Hope they’ll cool down before I go, because I don’t want the butter to melt. Not sure when I am going to eat them, probably around lunchtime and then in the afternoon or in the evening when I get back to the room. I am staying in a guest house.

At least I hope I am staying in a guest house. I booked the room online and did get an automatic confirmation, but I have not heard anything from the hostel itself. But I guess it’s alright.

Yesterday I spent a long time doing homework… Three assignments to send in! Two for this course and one for the other course I have to take this autumn. And in the evening I watched several YouTube videos about Excel, because we have to use Excel and I know nothing about it. I don’t even have Excel on this computer as it is a Mac. I have some program called Numbers and I guess it’s pretty much the same. I tried to create some diagrams and pies on Numbers but everything didn’t work.

I’d better go pack a bag now and eat breakfast. Don’t want to be late for the bus…


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