Cold and warm

Just watched an episode of Swedish Hollywood wives! 😀 Oh my, they are weird, crazy, funny… 

Ok, it was pretty much the same kind of weather today as it was yesterday. Pretty sunny, but the sun doesn’t bring any warmth, just light.

Got a birthday present from mum today. 🙂 We ordered it from a catalogue so it came a bit later. A week later, to be exact. But better late than never. 

It’s like a one piece, but not a real one, because they are so expensive. It’s made of velour. I think the material is called that. Very soft. The so called one piece is grey and a little too big, I have to admit, but that’s okay. I took a fleece belt from my bathrobe and tied it around the one piece. That’s the problem with catalogues. You can’t try them on before you buy them. But I am not going to send it back! I like it.

It was very nice to have it a few hours tonight. But it got a little warm at the end. I am sure I will not feel cold this winter when I have that velour dress. 😀 

We also got some new bed sheets. But they have a pretty strong yucky smell of chemicals, I assume, so we have to wash them before we use them the first time. 

It’s late. Swedish Hollywood wives always ends at 11 pm. Now it’s almost 11.30 pm. Must go to bed now.


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