Finger puppets

Started crocheting a finger puppet tonight! 🙂 I will of course make several and give them different hair styles. I started with an older man who is mostly bald except for a little hair on the sides of the head! Tomorrow I will finish him up with some eyes and a mouth. And then continue with more puppets. May be I’ll do a girl with long hair, an old woman. I have some curly blue yarn as well that I want to use somehow.

I don’t have a pattern for this, so I just figure it out as I crochet. 

Sorting the paper cranes according to color was easy. 🙂 I counted 12 shades in total: green, mint, blue, light blue, pink, light pink, red, light red, yellow, light yellow, orange, light orange. And I have beads for the ends of the strings. So now, may be tomorrow, I will try to make the strings. 

I just watched another episode of Efterlyst on Swedish TV 3. It’s one of my favorite shows. The Swedish people call in to the program and help the police find criminals! A very important show! I am sure a few bad guys will get caught soon thanks to the tips that the people give.

I just looked at the top right side of the computer and noticed the day, Wednesday! How can it already be Thursday in less than an hour? It feels like the Formula 1 Grand Prix in India was like yesterday! This week went by so fast I didn’t notice. And the next Grand Prix, in Abu Dhabi, is on Sunday! Looking forward to that, although there is no excitement anymore now that Vettel secured the championship. Who can stop Vettel winning all the remaining Grand Prix? I don’t think no one can. 

I hope that team Lotus learned something from the Indian Grand Prix. The argument with Kimi was just stupid. How can they yell at him like that? Lotus lost lots of fans on their Facebook page after the race. I am not a Lotus fan, have never been. I am a Kimi fan, whatever team he is driving in. Next year I will hope Ferrari has a good year. 

It’s late. Time to sleep.

I’m done! 1000 paper cranes! :D

I'm done! 1000 paper cranes! :D

Apparently it’s difficult counting to 1000 though. 😉 Last night I counted them (50 + 50+ 50…), got 992, made 8 more. Early this morning I counted them again, got 998, made 2 more. And finally, when I counted them the third time I got exactly 1000! 😀 I am not going to count them any more…

So, now I will sort them color wise and then see if I can hang them in strings.

Almost done!

Tomorrow I will (hopefully) finish folding paper cranes! I did around 60 today and now I have a total of 950! 😀 Only 50 more… Then I of course have to count them. 

How unfortunate Kimi Räikkönen was today during the last few laps. 😦 From P2 to P7… Oh well, he took a risk and he knew it was a risk. But that’s Kimi! 🙂 He wants to race and if it costs some points then it does. He had a little bit of a heated conversation with his team in the end… 

It’s getting late. Time to sleep. I really hope I can make 50 paper cranes tomorrow…


834 paper cranes! 😀 It’s getting close to 1000… I will make some more in a few minutes when I watch the qualifying which starts in 15 minutes. But I don’t have high hopes. I guess Kimi will be P8 or P9 which is not good when you drive in India. It’s so difficult to overtake people on that circuit. 

I have borrowed some origami books from the library so later today I will try to fold other things as well, not just paper cranes. 🙂 I’ll make boxes, stars and lots of other things.

Got a birthday gift yesterday. 🙂

Well, I think I’ll make a sandwich now and watch the qualifying. 


700 paper cranes!! 😀 It’s getting closer…

It seems to be snowing now and the wind is strong. So it’s not a very nice weather to be out in. But you shouldn’t be out. It’s 11.15 pm. Time to go to bed.

I have just watched the last episode of the season of Swedish Hollywood wives. So happy that the Montazamis continue next week with their new TV-show where they meet Swedish celebrities. 🙂 Can’t wait to see that!

Paper cranes

I made 35 paper cranes today! 😀 Now I have a total of 636. I’ll continue tomorrow.

In the morning there was plenty of beautiful big snow flakes falling to the ground! 😀 Almost like a scene from a Christmas card. The ground was covered in white. I took the winter coat and the winter shoes when I went to the grocery store. But of course, during the afternoon the sun started shining and all the snow disappeared again. 😦

I read quite a lot of Pure today. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll finish the book soon so I can start on the next book, Fuse.

It’s getting late. Better go to bed. I’ll just drink a glass of milk first. Hope the cat doesn’t wake me up during the night… 

Full house tonight

Got a headache tonight. 😦 It’s a bit overwhelming having been alone over a week with not much sound. And suddenly 3 more adults and 4 kids arrive at the same time… Mum came home from Sweden and she had my brother-in-law, my brother, Alec, Wilma, Rasmus and Jonas with her. They had all been to the harbor to pick her up from the ship. We ate gingerbreads and ice cream. Good I had some ice cream at least.

Hopefully the headache will disappear during the night. It’s 10 pm now, so I will go to bed now.

I have a total of 601 paper cranes now. 🙂