It’s getting cold :)

This morning it was -1 C when I woke up. 🙂 Later in the day it was +5, but at least the first snow is getting closer every day! 😀 Soon it’s already October and sometimes the first snow of the season comes in October.

Nothing much is new here. I keep cross stitching small things (bookmarks etc). Not so much crocheting, but I will soon make an amigurumi or two.

On Friday it’s back to Turku again. 😦 Should get the bus tickets soon. May be tomorrow.

Of course they are driving Formula 1 this weekend too. It seems like they are always driving Formula 1 when I have to go to Turku. This weekend I can only watch the Grand Prix. No free practice sessions, no qualifying… 😦

I am in the library now. Will go and borrow a book, then take the bicycle home again. May be read a little and continue cross stitching.

I am reading “Pure” by Julianna Baggott and I LOVE it!!! 😀 I’ve read about 140 pages so far. A few days ago I bought the second book in the trilogy, “Fuse”. The last part, “Burn” comes 2014.


5 thoughts on “It’s getting cold :)

  1. Didn’t now it got that cold in Finland so early. I live in England and although we have had a couple of bad winters the last few years, I wouldn’t like to think it was that cold in September. It’s a lovely 15 c here.

    • Yes, this time of year the nights with minus degrees start. But as I wrote, during the days it gets warmer. May be there will even be +15 here in October on a sunny day. And it’s no guarantee that we will have minus degrees every night. But yes, sometimes snow comes in October. I hope that is the case now. For sure the first snow will melt almost instantly, but it’s still nice. 🙂

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