Cat in the box

Cat in the box

The cat found a new box tonight. 🙂 He always have to check new boxes out, and see if he can fit into them… This one seems to be a little too small. But he still enjoyed sleeping in it!

Had to spend the day with my niece who didn’t feel well enough to be in school. We watched Toy Story 3 on DVD and read some books. Also helped her a little with her school work that her big brother brought with him when he came home from school. Got there around 9 am and left after 2 pm.

Very rainy today and cold. 😦 Pretty windy as well. Not a pleasant day to be outside the house. I was soaking wet when I came home in the afternoon.

Nothing on TV tonight. Spend a couple of hours watching Numb3rs on DVD. I am watching season 5 at the moment, only a few more episodes to watch of that season. Of course, I have watched all the episodes before so I know what happens in them. But I love Numb3rs! 😀

It’s getting late. Better go to bed.


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