Kimi the Great! ;)

Wow, I never would have thought Kimi Räikkönen could start from P13 in Singapore and finish 3rd! What makes it even greater is that he suffered from bad pains in his back (he needed strong pain killers and several injections in his back during the weekend) and during the race the KERS system didn’t work properly. Still, a podium finish! Too bad nothing, no one, can stop Vettel. 30 seconds before Alonso and 45 seconds before Kimi…

Soon I will watch the sports news and hopefully they will interview Kimi.

Did some homework for school today. 😦 Math stuff. I hate math! Me + math = a bad combination. And honestly, if I ever get a job in a library, I don’t think I will ever have to use math formulas to calculate relationships between two authors! Well, not relationships, co-citation… Urgh!

The day in Turku yesterday was okay. I almost got there too late. Well I stood outside of the school building almost 30 minutes, no one in sight… Had to call mum and made her open my e-mail to make sure I had the correct day! Turned out I was at the wrong building! 😦 Eventually found the correct building. Luckily they hadn’t yet started when I arrived and a few people got there after mee too.

A bit tired after sitting 12 hours in the bus. It does feel in the legs.


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