Formula one drivers

Ok, so I went to the cinema in the afternoon and I watched the Rush movie. 🙂 Only 31 people in the biggest hall in the cinema, felt a little empty… 

But the movie was great! 😀 I will definitely buy the DVD whenever it comes. I was not aware of the whole Hunt-Lauda thing and what happened during the accident and after. I only knew that Lauda had crashed and got badly burnt. But I didn’t know much else. So it was interesting to see the movie. Interesting too to learn that Lauda actually wanted to cancel the race because of the bad weather. But the majority of the drivers wanted to race so they did. And Lauda crashed. 

Less than two months later he was back on the track!? Wow, and he “let” Hunt win the championship by stopping the car early in the last race of the season. 

It’s probably difficult to fully understand what it feels like to drive in Formula 1, especially when the track is wet and slippery. And still they are going as fast as they can around the track. 

The safety is of course much better now than what it was back in those days. And no driver has died since Ayrton Senna in the early 90s. (Don’t remember the exact year now.) But the drivers can still get very badly injured (Felipe Massa in 2008 is a good example) and you really never know when the next big accident will occur in Formula one. 

I give the movie 5 stars out of 5 possible! 😀 Everyone should go and see it. Especially the second part of the movie was very thrilling.


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