Today is 9/11 or as we in Finland write it: 11.9. Already 12 years since 2001… It’s weird how you remember what you did that day. 

I was, at the time, living in a two story apartment. I was upstairs in my room (it was close to 5 pm in Finland), sitting on the bed, making a jigsaw puzzle. Dad was in the bedroom upstairs. His phone rang, and it was my brother who called. Dad said something like “What the hell” and ran downstairs to the living room. I got a bad feeling in my stomach. I knew something bad had happened. I ran downstairs too and the TV had just been turned on. At that time both the towers were burning and I just sat pretty much the rest of the day in front of the TV, in the living room and later in my own room. When they showed pictures of the Pentagon, I got even more scared and later another plane hit the ground. 

It was a horrible day for everyone, not just the ones that were involved. I have saved a tabloid from the next day. The whole newspaper is full of pictures. Some of the pictures I will always remember.

I hope something like that never ever happens again, not in any country. 

Well, I had a headache this evening. But I took a pill and a 45 minutes nap. That helped. The headache is gone.

As I wrote earlier today I am very happy for Kimi Raikkonen who is returning to Ferrari. I just watched the sports news on TV. Apparently one of the things that made Kimi sign the contract was an apology from Luca di Montezemolo. And I mean not just a phone call or an e-mail. It seems they met each other in person somewhere and di Montezemolo apologized for everything that happened with Kimi during 2009 when they kicked him out of the team. Don’t know if it is true, but that’s what they said on the news. 

Kimi is determined to drive as good as possible during the remaining seven races with Lotus. Hopefully he will be third in the championship this year as well. I know he will not win the world championship (nothing can stop Vettel), and he probably can’t beat his future team mate Alonso. But hopefully he can get passed Hamilton. 

It’s getting late. Very late. Soon it’s 9/12, well in 35 minutes. Better get some sleep now. 


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