Not remembering faces

Ok, so my aunt just started working on a new job. One of her new colleagues seems to have been in my class when we were 13-15 year olds. She apparently saw me somewhere in town a while ago but I didn’t see her.

Well, no surprise. I have some problems recognizing faces, especially on some who I have last seen when I was 15 years old…

I hardly even recognized her name!

So, if I have “neglected” some old school friends, sorry, but it’s hard to remember all from elementary all the way up to high school. I don’t even recognize some of the people that were in university with me and that’s fairly recent, only 6-7 years ago.

If old school mates from high school or before that sees you in the town, why don’t they come up and say something like “I think we have been in the same class. My name is NN. Do you remember me?” Chances are I remember the name or the voice much sooner than a face that has probably changed during the years.

I mean, I hardly even recognize the people that live in my house if I see them in town. I do recognize them (not all) if they are in the elevator or in the yard. It’s more difficult knowing who they are if I see them on the market square or in the supermarket.

Oh well, it’s late. Time to get some sleep.


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