No spacebar :(

Mums and computers… 😦 Mum was drinking chocolate coffee in front of the computer last night. She spilled some of the coffee on the keyboard. The result: The spacebar doesn’t work! She does know you should not eat and drink in front of the computer… I managed to remove the spacebar button and clean it a little. But still it didn’t work when I put it back.

I am writing this from the library. Tomorrow I have two homework assignments for school. I thought I had only one, for Monday, but it was three for Sunday! 😦 Oh well, one of them is just to read an article, the other one is short. The third one I am not sure what it is, but may be a page or two to write.

I can read the articles today (because the rest of the key board is working, it is just the spacebar). May be I can write by hand some of the text.

My brother said he has several key boards at home so he is bringing one tomorrow morning before he goes to work. If he remembers… My backup plan is to finish the homework at my sister’s house. But she doesn’t know that yet. Hopefully we will get the new key board tomorrow morning.

It’s always something…

I went to the autumn market on the market square yesterday. Didn’t find anything interesting. Just bought some licorice.

I am going home now. I’ll watch Formula 1, free practice and later the qualifying. And of course read the articles.


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