The dark forest

It’s a bit spooky walking into the dark forest with the dog late at night… There are no lights and you never know what might be lurking behind the dark trees. He isn’t a very good guardian. If someone broke into the house he would just jump up and down and try to lick the face of the intruder. 😉 And I can hardly even see the black dog I am walking with. I have a yellow reflective vest over my jacket, but it doesn’t do anything for the light.

Oh well, just a few more nights. Well, one, as they are coming home on Wednesday evening. But two more nights to sleep on the couch. The dog likes to wake me up around 4.30 to 5 am. Then he goes back to sleep and wakes me up at 6 am. But today I actually got to sleep until 6.30 am. 🙂

Another thing I’ve noticed is that at home I usually put on my pajama or night dress around 6 pm or 7 pm if I know that I am not going anywhere in the evening. And in the morning I can wear the night dress or pajama until 10 or may be even 11 am. Here, I can’t put it on until after the last walk of the night, around 10 pm and I have to change clothes early in the morning. Of course I can put it on earlier, but then I have to change back to my normal clothes when we are going out.

I started studying today. Well, not really. I just registered for the first course this school year. I have one more year of studying at the open university. 😦 And the course that started today… Well, the description of the course was insane. I didn’t understand many words of it. And I don’t understand how the course would be important for a librarian. The first assignment is due September 8th. I guess I’ll have to try and find some of the literature tomorrow. But that is usually easier said than done, as the libraries in this town don’t usually have the books we need for the courses. Not even the university library have the books. If we have a list of 8 books, I am lucky if I can find one or two. Luckily some books might be e-books.

Going to try to sleep now. Hopefully the dog lets me sleep a little more this night. Last night he woke me up around 3.30, barking like mad! He had probably seen a shadow of some sort in the back garden. But when you are heavily sleeping and some dog starts to bark like crazy, your heart almost jumps out of your body…


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