Waiting for the oven to heat up. Going to eat some french fries and chicken meatballs before going back to the dog. 

The ice hockey game between Finland and Russia starts in 40 minutes, but I won’t make it to the dog’s house in time for that. I suppose I will have time to watch the last 40 minutes of the game at least.

Got some new mats today, one for the living room, one for the bathroom and one in the hall. But the living room mat is still rolled up, so I don’t really know what it looks like. Something in brown and white.

The dog woke me up at 4.30 this morning. 😦 I said I am NOT going out at that time of night. He went back to sleep and woke me up at 6 am instead. So that’s when I got dressed and went out for a walk in the forest… I didn’t get to sleep until midnight last night, so it was a little bit of short night. Only six hours of sleep. 

He has to eat some dry dog food in the morning. But refuses to eat them when they are in the bowl. He does eat them, when I cup my hands and have a bunch of them in my hands… He ate a lot of the dry food from my hands. Well, at least he is eating them. But I got dog drool all over my hands and the hands smell of dog food as well. Yuck!

Today is officially the end of the summer cottage season. That means people are allowed to fire some fireworks in the evening. Only they are not allowed to do that tonight because the grounds are so dry. There have not been rain for quite some time. Don’t think that’s going to stop some people though. I hope the police keep watch and stop the people who are using fireworks tonight. The once that have already bought some can keep them for new year’s eve.

 Well, the food is ready now. So I’ll eat and then I’ll go back to the dog and watch whatever is left of the ice hockey game.


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