Cross stitching

I have done quite a lot of cross stitching on the table cloth. 😀 But still much more to go. Today I also framed the other kits that I finished last week. 

But mum has the camera, so I can not take any pictures of them yet.

I watched the Polar Music Prize ceremony today. But as usual I don’t know the people who got them. Rarely do I recognize the names of the winners. Happy though that a Finnish woman got it this year. 🙂 

Two hours until one of my favorite TV-shows. “Swedish Hollywood wives”. 😀 They are so funny! And a bit crazy… 😉

Baked a mud cake today! 😀 May be a little bit too “muddy” but still very yummy!

I have spend a few hours now in the evening working on my other crafty project. When I am done, I’ll post a picture. But it’s going to take a while. 

Tomorrow my sister’s family is going to Turkey. My brother-in-law turns 40 on Friday. They will be there a week. That of course means I will have to sleep a week on the couch at my sister’s house, looking after the dog.

But, mum comes home from Suomussalmi on Thursday. That means either my cat or my sister’s dog will have to spend the night alone. Because I can not be in two places at once! 😉 I think it will be the dog who will spend the night alone. My cat is 13 years old and I don’t think he has ever been alone one night. I have to go and take the dog out late at night, go home and go back early in the morning. I’m sure he’ll be alright.

A bit tired. I might take a nap now and have the alarm clock waking me up in an hour.



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