Very rainy

It’s raining A LOT! And it’s supposed to rain for at least another three hours… But the rain should get lighter in a while. 

My sister drove me to town today, because she, two of her kids, mum and Alec are visiting grand mum, as they always do on Saturday. I had to change every piece of clothing when I came home, because they were all soaking wet! And I did have my rain coat.

I’m not really into mushrooms. But chanterelles are pretty good. 🙂 And mum knows a secret place where they are growing. So today we are going to eat chanterelles! She picked them yesterday.

Looking forward to seeing Usain Bolt today! 😀 Hope he wins. I am counting on it, but you never know. That young South African guy seems pretty good too. Hope he gets a medal too. 🙂

I’m also going to watch the men’s javelin. There are two Finns throwing javelin today. If one of them could get even a bronze, it would be great!


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