Soon I’m going to sleep – in my own bed! 😀 Nice! The last two nights I’ve been sleeping on a mattress on a couch. Not the most comfortable, but not too bad either.

I got a sore toe. 😦 There is a blister under the toe, because I had to walk a pretty long way with my rain boots. Ouch!

There was a pretty heavy thunderstorm yesterday! 🙂 Thunders, lightnings, heavy rain, hail (bigger than peas)… The smaller of the dogs that I was with, was literally shaking his whole body. He was really scared! 😦 I sat next to him on the couch, holding him. After a while he ran away. Found him later in the bathroom, where he stayed a couple of hours.

Today was much better weather. Pretty sunny and warm. I had to stay at the house until 3.30 pm. Then the whole family drove me home.

Yesterday I visited a cute little kitten! Lucifer is his name, yellow, 12 weeks, quite a lot of energy! 😀

Did some reading while away. Started reading The Cuckoo’s Calling (by Robert Galbraith, AKA J.K. Rowling). Not sure I spelled that last name correct. Not Rowling, the other one.

Cross stitched quite a bit. A little picture of a raccoon. Just a little bit of back stitching left. 🙂

My bike does have a punctured tyre… 😦 Well, I decided to let it be for a while. Next week that man from Sweden is coming and he might be able to fix it. In the meantime I can use grand mum’s old bike.

It’s getting late. Better go get some sleep now.


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