I don’t think there will be any more hot days this summer. It’s soon going to be autumn. I think some schools started today, at least in parts of the country.

Soon I have to pack a bag and in the evening I’ll go to my bro’s house. I have to sleep there two nights (until Wednesday) and look after the dogs. Alec and his parents are going to Stockholm tonight with the airplane. Tomorrow they will visit the zoo in Stockholm. Alec has been talking a lot lately about the monkey that he is going to see! 🙂

I think there might be a little hole on my tyre though. 😦 I noticed when I came from the library today that it seemed to be a little hole, puncture I mean. I really hope not, but I fear I have to take it to the repair shop. I don’t really have time to do that now when I am going to be away for a couple of days. But I don’t think I can take the bicycle all the way to my brother’s house with that tyre. 😦

I hate those broken glass bottles that are on the streets! They shouldn’t be allowed to sell glass bottles in stores.

I suppose I have to take my mother’s old bike tonight.

I finished cross stitching a bookmark yesterday. 🙂 It’s a free gift from the Cross Stitcher magazine, with colorful birds sitting on a branch. Very cute! 🙂

Today I wrote and posted a letter to Switzerland.


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