The Night of Arts

Today is the best evening of the year in Vasa! šŸ˜€ The night of arts… Tons of things to see and do during the afternoon and evening and early night. Most of the things are free. Shops in the center of town are open longer than usual. There’s music, theater, art and lots more. Something for everyone, from small kids to grand mums and grand dads. The library is open until 10 pm!

Between 6 and 8 pm I will be at the Finnish theater, watching the rehearsals of their coming play, Pohjanmaa. It’s based on a book by Antti Tuuri. I’ll probably go to the town around 4 pm. After the theater I’ll just randomly walk around, see if I can spot something interesting. I might take a look at the samba parade at 8.30 pm.Ā 

I’m sure I’ll have pretty tired feet when I come home tonight… Lots of walking! šŸ˜€

I just hope it doesn’t start raining. Dark clouds in the sky.


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