Hot day

Hot day

Whoa! That was a hot day! 😀 At least +25 and the sun shining from a clear blue sky!!

I spent most of the afternoon and evening on the sports field, Kaarlenkenttä (Karlsplanen in Swedish). Today was the first day of Kalevan kisat (Kaleva spelen in Swedish). It’s the Finnish championships in athletics. This year it is held in Vasa. 🙂

I got a free ticket for Friday. My sister and her husband are both volunteers and they got free tickets to give away.

Not really that interested in athletics, but I thought, what the heck, I got a free ticket. 🙂

But it was hot… Good I remembered the sun oil before I left around 4 pm. But actually it got a bit chilly in the shadow around 8 pm, which was when I also left to go home. I didn’t stay until the end, which was around 9 pm.

The grilled sausage was lovely! 😀

But I felt most sorry for the three guys in the picture… It must have been hot as a sauna in those dresses! They are the mascots, not only for the games, but for the town of Vaasa as well. They were created and introduced before the games.

The games continues on Saturday and Sunday, but I don’t have tickets for those days.

Now I am going to watch the TV-series Skärgårdsdoktorn! 😀


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