One more photo

One more photo

You can see here some of the roots and the storm took a large piece of grass as well. I suppose someone will come tomorrow and get rid of this mess.

By the way, is there no way in putting several images in one post? If there is, could some one guide me how to do it? I don’t want to publish several posts like this.


4 thoughts on “One more photo

    • Int har vi aldrig klippt Nikis tånaglar. Den tappar ju kloskalen ibland, när det kommer nya under. Har aldrig märkt den sku ha några problem med klorna. Hundarnas klor kan man ju klippa, men nej, har aldrig hört man sku behöva klippa katternas klor.

      • Undrade, bara eftersom alla inte vill ha sin klösmöbel och våra katter har ju alltid vässt där ute. Men hoppas den fattar eftersom imorgonen får vi en kattunge 🙂

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