Cold and stormy

I just read some good news on the Internet! 😀 The warm temperatures are returning this week!! Yay! I am so tired of the constantly strong winds and the low (+13 C at the moment) temperatures. 

Took my nephew Alec to town today. I think we both should have needed gloves as well. Both our hands got so cold. 😦 And now I am freezing! I have knitted socks on and a warm sweater, but it’s not helping. I need a hot shower. But I must wait until Alec has gone home in the afternoon. He is sleeping at the moment, but he might soon wake up.

We went to the supermarket and the library to borrow some books. I think it was the first time he has visited the library. 🙂

I need eggs for the dinner. I guess we’ll have to walk across the street when he wakes up, although I don’t look forward going out in the storm again. 😦

If I have understood it correctly, there are some very high temperatures in America and/or other parts of the world at the moment. Couldn’t some of the heat come here? Make it less hot there, and a little warmer here. 🙂 Can’t we share the heat? 😉

I might watch the Cars 2-movie when he wakes up. He can watch the movie while I’m making dinner. But first we need those eggs.


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