The Internship

I am going to the cinema tonight to watch The Internship. 🙂

I have heard mixed reviews about the movie. Some say it’s good and funny, worth the ticket, while others say it is very boring. Some even claim they have fallen asleep in the cinema while watching it.

But I don’t read reviews to decide whether or not I should go to the cinema to watch a movie. I think the trailer is pretty good and I want to watch it to get my own opinion.

I would have gone yesterday, but decided to go tonight instead. 

Now I need some dinner and then I really need to wash some dishes because the pile of glasses, plates etc. are growing in the sink… 😦

I baked some muffins yesterday. 🙂 Put most of them in the freezer. 

Might take a quick nap before the cinema, after the dinner. The movie starts pretty late (8.30 pm).


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