Congratulations Crown princess Victoria!

Today Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria celebrates her 36th birthday! 😀 Earlier in the day I watched live on internet from their summer residence Solliden on the island of Öland, when hundreds of people gathered outside the castle to celebrate her. Cute little princess Estelle also got to be there. 🙂 But Estelle is not going to be there during the celebration later today (well, they are actually celebrating right now, but it’s on TV in an hour).

Lots of artists will be there, they will sing and things like that. They always give a prize to a sportsperson, but I don’t remember who will get it this year.

The celebrations will be led by Mark Levengood, one of my favorite people! 😀 He is so funny! And he is a Swedish speaking Finn, which make it even better!

While I wait for and watch the celebrations of Victoria, I will of course cross stitch or crochet or something else. Don’t know what yet. It’s always nice to do something crafty while watching TV.

And today I guess a lot of people learned that J.K. Rowling published a crime story under another name! 😀 I’m glad it was revealed. I would never have suspected anything! But I am sure I’ll try to get hold of the book which was published in April I think. Don’t remember the pseudonym or the title right now.


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