Forgot my keys :(

I KNEW it was going to happen! I closed the apartment door and immediately knew I hadn’t got the keys. 😦 And sadly my cat can not open locked doors…

Good I had remembered the mobile phone. So I called my sister, who lives pretty close to our home. But, they were all eating ice cream at my brother’s restaurant, which is may be 15-20 minutes away with car. Of course! 

So I walked to a grocery store a bit further down the road, and when I came back I sat in one of the swings waiting for the key to arrive.

It’s my brother’s key. He’ll get it back tomorrow. 

I gave my sister’s family 15 of the gingerbreads. 🙂 They are five in the family, so that will give them three each.

Oh well, I got back in. 🙂 Now I’m taking a shower, because I washed some clothes today and the bed sheets as well. So it’s always lovely to have new bed sheets and a clean body. I wouldn’t want to go to bed sweaty when I have new sheets.

Don’t know what’s on TV tonight. May be nothing. 


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