90 gingerbreads! :D

90 gingerbreads! :D

Who said gingerbreads should only be baked before Christmas? 😉 And technically it IS before Christmas, only several months before!

90 gingerbreads… It was hard work! And hot with the oven, and a bit stressful to make sure you don’t burn the ones that are in the oven, while you are making the others.

It smells lovely in the apartment! 😀 But the other people living in the house might wonder why on earth it smells like Christmas in the staircases. 🙂

I cheated a little, by buying the frozen dough from the store across the street. The dough that we make in December has to be in the refrigerator during the night, so it takes much longer. Now I just used the frozen dough. It doesn’t taste as good as the home made dough, but it is good enough!

The home made dough gives you an average of 120-130 gingerbreads, depending on the shapes. Today I left some shapes in the plastic bag and made only hearts, stars, cats and pigs. According to the package around the dough, the estimated amount was 50-70. So I got a bit more than that. 🙂

I am sure these gingerbreads will last the rest of the summer and well into September. Good thing gingerbreads don’t get mouldy!

The dishes are washed (thank God!), and in 5 minutes I will lay down on the bed and watch an episode of Skärgårdsdoktorn, which I wrote about in a previous post. It’s the doctor that returns from Africa with his daughter.


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