Bus/train trip :)

Today I went on a little trip! 😀 I spent the day in Seinäjoki, which is a town a little east of Vasa. It takes one hour with the train to get there. I go there once every summer, usually during the Tango festival. But I don’t go there to hear and experience the tango. I just like to go then, because they usually have a lot more to see on the market square and a lot more people are around.

So the train was supposed to leave Vasa at 9.20 am, only the train was cancelled! 😦 So they put in a couple of buses to drive the people to Seinäjoki. One bus drove straight there. The other stopped at all the places which the train was supposed to stop at, because obviously there were people waiting at those places. I took the bus that went straight to Seinäjoki. I arrived 5 minutes earlier than the train was meant to arrive. 🙂 

But of course it would have been more fun sitting in a train, as I only do that once a year. Because of the studies I go with the bus much more often. 

In Seinäjoki I just walked around of course, visited shops. One of my favorite shops (with lots and lots of crafty things to buy) is located in Seinäjoki. So when I go to the town, that shop is a must-go-to. 

I also ate some strawberries on the market square and some other things during the day.

One hour before the train left for Vasa, I was back at the train station, because my feet were hurting. 😦 (They are much better already, now that I have removed my shoes). Luckily the train to Vasa departed as planned, so at least I got to go with the train in one direction. 🙂 I was back in Vasa 5.35 pm and back home just before six.

I don’t know why the train in the morning was cancelled.

Tonight I am going to watch two hours of Hell’s Kitchen! 😀 I always look forward to HK, because it’s so fun to see what Gordon Ramsay will say. 😀

For now I’ll just rest and relax and may be take a shower.


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