Happy 75th birthday!

Happy 75th birthday!

July 9th 1938 was a very hot day. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky. On the market square were gathered 10.000 people, including the president and other important people. They unveiled the Statue of Freedom in Vaasa.

Today, 75 years later, it was pretty cloudy, the wind was strong and it was around +20 degrees. Much less people, maybe a few hundred, only about 15-20 veterans from the latest war, a few people from the military. But still… It was nice to be there for the little ceremony that they had in honor of the statue. 🙂 They made a speech, put a garland of spruce twigs at the base of the statue and of course the national anthem ended the ceremony.

Now I’ll top the strawberries that I bought from the market square. I will also cut them in smaller pieces. But I will save the strawberries until tonight. 🙂


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