I just came home. I went cycling about 16 kilometers I guess. First I saw a dead seagull on the street. Later I noticed a dead hedgehog on the street. Two crows were eating the hedgehog. 😦 But that’s nature. 

I cycled along a dusty road (with no asphalt, only rocks and dirt). Of course a car had to drive past me with high speed, covering me and the bike in a huge cloud of dust! 😦 I got dust in my eyes and they were really irritated and teary after that. I tried to get rid of some dust while cycling. But may be I should clean them with a damp paper towel. 

There’s been some issues with the water in the house the last few days. Yesterday morning I noticed a complete lack of warm water from the tap. 😦 The warm water didn’t return until many hours later. Today, almost the same thing… I washed some dishes, but the water was barely luke warm. Now I think the warm water is back on.

Kimi finished 2nd in the Hockenheim GP yesterday. 😀 Too bad Vettel won, once again. I suppose no one can stop Vettel from getting his 4th title in a row at the end of the year. 😦 How horrible that a wheel hit a cameraman in the head. 😦 Hope he’s well.

Don’t know what to do the rest of the evening, may be I’ll just crochet and read a bit. 


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