Friday night

What to do on a Friday night, home alone? Hm, I guess I’ll watch a movie, one of the many movies I have. But I can’t decide which one to watch. May be I should just close my eyes, and point my finger on a random DVD and watch it, whichever it is. 🙂 But if I get any of the Hannibal Lector movies I refuse to watch it. So then I’d have to choose again.

I took a shower earlier in the afternoon. Then I took the bicycle to the supermarket. Returned, and now I am sweaty… May be I should have taken the shower AFTER coming home from the supermarket…

Tomorrow I might go to the sauna in the house. They heat it up on Fridays and Saturdays. So I could have gone tonight but I kind of forgot it was Friday. I’ll see if they have any available hours tomorrow instead.

Gimmi is the new nickname for Kimi Räikkönen! 😀 Alec gave him that nickname today while we were watching the free practices. But he thought every car and every person he saw was Gimmi. In the end I got tired of correcting him all the time. 🙂 Gimmi was 5th in both practices today.

I might do some cross stitching (a bookmark) while I watch whatever movie I’ll watch.

UPDATE: I did cross stitch on the bookmark while watching BORAT! 😀 Such a funny, but a bit weird, movie! Now time to sleep. Tomorrow I might continue the Sasha Baron Cohen (is that his name?) movies and watch Brüno. 😀


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