It didn’t even take one hour to crochet this bracelet! 😀 I made it yesterday. I didn’t use any pattern, so I can describe here how I did it if you want to make one too. 🙂

Start with a chain of 8 stitches. Make a half treble stitch in the second stitch from the hook. Make a half treble stitch in each of the other stitches in the row. Make one chain stitch to turn. Continue making half treble stitches and turning with a chain stitch until the bracelet reaches around your wrist. The ends should slightly overlap each other.

Be sure not to make it too tight but not too loose either. When you are satisfied with the length, make single crochets (or double crochets if you prefer to call them that) all the way around the long and short sides of the bracelet, to make the sides evenly. When you are back to the second short side, make 2 slip stitches, 5 chain stitches and then 2 more slip stitches, but make sure you skip a few stitches in the middle of the row.

Now you can finish by adding a button on the other short side (make sure you place the button in the right spot so the bracelet is not too tight or too loose).

You made the chain stitches of course so that you can thread it around the button and close it.

I used a pretty thick yarn and a hook that is 3.50 millimeters. Use a yarn that’s comfortable for your skin, so it doesn’t itch. 🙂

And you can change the number of half treble stitches depending on how thick or thin bracelet you want.


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