It’s raining bad…

The rain is pouring down like crazy right now… The whole day has been windy, grey and rainy.

The rain stopped for a while in the afternoon so I returned some books to the library. Started raining again as I walked home. But it was OK. Not very much.

So nice that Kimi Räikkönen finished second in Hungary! 😀 Even better that Vettel came in third and Alonso in fifth or sixth. Kimi didn’t have a chance to win. Incredible that he managed a two stop strategy while the other stopped three or four times. He only got three more points than Vettel, but better than losing points… And now he is second in the championship table! 😀 Four weeks until the Belgium GP! 😦

How weird, all these horrible accidents the last days… Bus crash in Italy, train crash in Spain and now another train crash in Switzerland tonight. So many dead and injured people. 😦

Just watched an episode of America’s Next Top Model, cycle 19 (I think). Only three girls (Kiara, Leila and Laura) remaining now. I guess it’s the season finale next week.

Mum’s coming home tomorrow after weeks in Sweden. The cat is bound to go a little nuts. 🙂 He will be meowing until he almost loses his voice… 😉

Made a couple of amigurumis these last couple of days. Haven’t had time/energy to make anything today. But will finish one amigurumi tomorrow I think.

I’ll read a little now before going to bed.

Hot day

Hot day

Whoa! That was a hot day! 😀 At least +25 and the sun shining from a clear blue sky!!

I spent most of the afternoon and evening on the sports field, Kaarlenkenttä (Karlsplanen in Swedish). Today was the first day of Kalevan kisat (Kaleva spelen in Swedish). It’s the Finnish championships in athletics. This year it is held in Vasa. 🙂

I got a free ticket for Friday. My sister and her husband are both volunteers and they got free tickets to give away.

Not really that interested in athletics, but I thought, what the heck, I got a free ticket. 🙂

But it was hot… Good I remembered the sun oil before I left around 4 pm. But actually it got a bit chilly in the shadow around 8 pm, which was when I also left to go home. I didn’t stay until the end, which was around 9 pm.

The grilled sausage was lovely! 😀

But I felt most sorry for the three guys in the picture… It must have been hot as a sauna in those dresses! They are the mascots, not only for the games, but for the town of Vaasa as well. They were created and introduced before the games.

The games continues on Saturday and Sunday, but I don’t have tickets for those days.

Now I am going to watch the TV-series Skärgårdsdoktorn! 😀

Blueberry pie and vanilla sauce :D

I had my nephew Alec here today from 9 am to 4.30 pm. One hour later, 5.30 pm my niece Wilma came and stayed until 9 pm. 🙂 With Wilma we made a blueberry pie and vanilla sauce. Yummy!! 😀

I started crocheting a green monster tonight. Wilma is always so interested in my amigurumis, so she wanted to see how I make them.

I’ll continue to crochet in a bit when I watch the two hours of Hell’s Kitchen. 😀

Now I need to take the garbage out. I should have done it earlier, when Wilma and I went to the grocery store to get some margarine. But we forgot to take the rubbish out too. So I have to go out again.

At the same time I will book the washing machine a few hours tomorrow, if there are any times available. I think there is.

It’s been quite warm and sunny today. In the morning I walked to a Lidl store with Alec and it was really warm at that point. We had to drink some apple juice on the way.

About 30 minutes til HK.

One more photo

One more photo

You can see here some of the roots and the storm took a large piece of grass as well. I suppose someone will come tomorrow and get rid of this mess.

By the way, is there no way in putting several images in one post? If there is, could some one guide me how to do it? I don’t want to publish several posts like this.