Computer crocheting

Computer crocheting

I started crocheting this cute little computer last night and finished it this morning! 🙂 It is from the book “Happy Cute” by Annie Obaachan, so look for the book in the library or online if you want a computer too!

I love that the computer mouse is in fact a mouse. 🙂

I was not completely sure how to make the computer, especially the base, so I improvised a little. It’s basically two rectangles (the screen and the back) and a long white strip between. The base I made a larger rectangle (almost square), folded it in half and stitched three sides together. I also filled the base with some cotton to make it thicker.

Last night I rented a movie from the movie rental shop. I watched “Extremely loud and incredibly close”. It was a very good movie. 🙂 For those who don’t know what it is; it’s a boy who lost his dad in 9/11. About a year after he finds a key and wants to know where the key goes and what might be locked up in there.

I have the book which the movie is based on, so I am sure I will read the book soon.

I must, once again, sleep one night at my sister’s house. They decided to go to the north of Sweden today and watch Jonas who is playing in a soccer tournament. I think they are coming back tomorrow, but I am not sure.

I will watch some formula one before I go there. I can watch the qualifying there later if I take with me the card for the digital box.

But I have to return the movie to the shop before I go to Albin.

I decided not to make any paper cranes yesterday. I made the computer instead. So I will take some papers with me to Albin, so I can fold some cranes today and may be tomorrow.

I really hope Kimi will be on the podium tomorrow! Because he promised, that if he is on the podium tomorrow, he will reveal his new haircut! 😀 So far he has kept a cap on his head all time.

So come on Kimi! Be on the podium tomorrow!!


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