Not feeling very good

It’s difficult sleeping when you are sweating and coughing. But my body temperature is only a little higher than normal. Mum would not call it fever. 

Just took some cough syrup. Hope it helps. The throat seems to be better today, but the dripping nose is worse. And I sneeze and sneeze and sneeze…

Good thing is, yesterday I made 50 paper cranes! 😀 That has to be my record so far. 🙂 I have 255 cranes now. So if I make 45 today I will have 300 when I go to bed! 

The electricity was gone a few minutes a while ago. That doesn’t happen every day, but on the other hand it’s not so uncommon either. 

I should return some books  to the library today. May be I just walk up the street to the nearby library. 


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