My midsummer company

My midsummer company

I’ll spend midsummer with this dog, who belongs to my sister’s family. His name is Albin and he is 2 years. The sis’ family are going to a summer cottage with some friends. Usually they take Albin with them, but for various reasons they decided to leave Albin at home today.

I’ll go there in the afternoon and probably sleep on the couch tonight. I don’t really like sleeping in other people’s beds.

I have to pack a bag soon, see what I will take with me. May be some crocheting and a book for sure. And of course something to eat tonight, but I will eat dinner at home before I go there.

I have been looking after Albin before during nights, so it’s not a problem. Once I stayed for several days, I think.

I’ll come home tomorrow afternoon.


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