It’s so frustrating when the papers (note blocks) are supposed to be 9 x 9 centimeters. But in reality one side might be 8,7 and the other side 8,9 centimeters. 😦 So when you fold them diagonally they don’t match evenly.

I am going to make 1000 paper cranes, as many in Japan do. I have 489 “good” papers, meaning they really are 9 x 9 centimeters. But the rest I would have to make of the “bad” paper, which are different sizes. I don’t think I will be able to find the good paper in the bookshop, because it is probably years ago that I bought it.

I might end up cutting away thin slices of the paper so they are the same size horizontally and vertically. The bad paper is also thicker than the good paper, but I tried to make a crane of the thicker paper, and it was okay. Not a huge difference, although it is easier to fold cranes with the thinner paper.

So far I’ve made just over 200 cranes. So I have a lot left. I try to make 10-20 cranes per day. But the thing is, I started this project years ago. I stopped (for reasons I don’t remember) after about 120 cranes. Now I decided to continue and make sure I do all 1000 cranes and hang them on the wall in strings.

I’ll look for the good paper in the bookshop, but don’t think I will find it.

Just ate a late dinner. Late, because the time is 7 pm. I usually eat around 4 or 5 pm.

Should have to take a shower too. But mum and Kari, who has moved in with us for a few weeks, are out walking. And I have the door to the balcony opened (to remove the smell of food). The cat must be supervised when the balcony door is opened… He might decide to visit the neighbor balcony as he once did. But now I can see him sleeping on the carpet next to me.

Mum and Kari will go to his home in Sweden probably in early July and mum will come home in the end of July.

I think I can close the door to the balcony now. It feels a bit chilly. So I’ll take the shower now and then I might fold some more paper…


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