Ice cream with my nephew :)

Today I took my nephew Alec to the market square. Mum stayed at home to vacuum clean and make lunch. They have a flea market on the square every Sunday. It was pretty warm and sunny, but the wind was pretty strong too. Now there are some big dark clouds in the sky.

Alec got a little helicopter, a police car and a Formula 1 car, all three for 1 euro. 🙂 Then we ate ice cream. He got strawberry and I ate peppermint. Yummy! While we ate the ice cream Alec saw a police car driving on the market square, and an ambulance with the sirens blaring. He loves watching police cars, ambulances and fire trucks and all kinds of vehicles.

On our way home we saw Guido working. 🙂 Guido is the blue forklift from the Cars-movie. The cars from the movie (Lightning McQueen, Francesco, Guido, Mack….), they are his idols! He has them on socks and clothes, he has small cars… And of course he recognized the forklift as Guido. 😀 It was a little tiring listening to him saying “Guido” about 50 times after we saw the forklift…

He wanted to go to the swings in a nearby park that we walk passed on our way to town or back. But both times all the swings were occupied by other kids. But there are some swings on our back garden too. So we stopped by them before we went inside.

Now he is sleeping. I’ll rest a little too. Then I’ll make some paper cranes. 


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