Another windy day

I’m not sure… Has the summer come to an end? No, I’m just kidding. But May was so warm and it feels like the whole first part of June is just rain, strong winds and low temperatures. 😦 Another windy, cloudy day today. Don’t remember if it rained this morning or last night. I just know it was very heavy showers… The rain poured down like crazy! Maybe it was last night.

Early this morning (like 3.30 am) I woke up freezing… Usually in the summer, I have only a thin sheet to cover my body, except for some clothes of course! The duvet I put in the closet. But, as I wrote, last night I was freezing. So I had to put the blanket of granny squares that I crocheted on top of the sheet, to keep me warmer. It did help. 🙂

But I guess this was not a good time to have the duvet in the closet… So in the morning I took it out of the closet and put it back in the bed! Tonight I don’t think I will be freezing! And if I get too warm, I can just fold the duvet to one side of the bed for a while and sleep on the other side.

I didn’t think I would have to use the duvet in the middle of June, but obviously I do… We’ll see when the next wave of hot temperatures come, if it comes… In July? 

Late this evening I decided to start crocheting a little amigurumi for my niece. Today is her 8th birthday! 😀 We might celebrate her tomorrow, if she feels like it…

It hasn’t been a happy birthday for Wilma. 😦 She spent a few hours waiting to see the doctor. She was playing earlier today, fell and got a mild concussion. 😦 Poor girl… She got a bad headache and nausea. The doctor said she has to take it easy and rest a lot during the weekend. But we’ll see how she feels tomorrow. May be she can have a few visitors. Otherwise we’ll have to celebrate her next week.

I know Wilma likes my amigurumis (I probably have more than 80 at this point, although I have not counted them…) I have two of the little figure that I am crocheting now, one pink and one blue. The one I am making for Wilma is red. I know it doesn’t take much time to crochet this particular figure, so I’m sure I can finish it tomorrow, before we go to the birthday party. If we go… I also have a picture that I have cross stitched, but need to glue it on a card.

Noticed today that Swedish tabloids had found princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill on the Seychelles on their honey moon. They had blurry paparazzi pictures of them. In the afternoon the princess posted on her Facebook a text, asking for privacy. They didn’t appreciate that the pictures ended up in the tabloids. I can understand them and I hope the Swedish tabloids will respect their wish. A while later, the princess posted her own picture from the honey moon, a picture where she is standing on the beach, looking out into the horizon. It is a beautiful picture. 

It’s getting late. Time to sleep… I didn’t write any letter yet, so I will do it during the weekend.


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