Nothing much to report… Days continue as normal, with reading and cross stitching and crocheting etc. But I haven’t finished any crafty projects in a while.

May be a week ago or less (don’t remember when it was), I bought a yoghurt. Well, it’s not exactly yoghurt, but I don’t find the word for what it is. It’s a bit thicker than yoghurt. In Swedish we call it “kvark” and in Finnish it’s “rahka”. But anyway, the “Best before” -date was June 13 I think (tomorrow) and I bought it several days before that.

When I opened the kvark, if I use that word, it was moldy! And the top was very watery. You could clearly see a green spot of mold on the kvark. Of course I couldn’t eat it… But mum decided to write to the company that made the kvark and complain a bit, because they shouldn’t have moldy things in stores, especially when the Best before -date is several days away. She found a website which clearly described all the data they needed (the number on the bar code for example).

Today we got a letter in the mail… They apologized for the mold and described different ways in which it could have appeared. And as a bonus they sent a five euro bill! šŸ˜€ The kvark only costed 79 cents. šŸ™‚

So it is good to complain to companies if you are unhappy with their products! They wrote in the letter that it is very important for them to receive these kinds of complaints, so they can see what went wrong and how they can avoid them in the future.

It’s not the first time mum has complained about things… Once there was a cake that tasted very salty! And it turned out, they had in fact used salt instead of sugar in the filling… That time we got a pen and a coupon to get a new cake for free.

The five euro bill we got was a new one. I usually pay everything with the card these days, so I seldom have cash. I haven’t seen the new five euro bills before until today. They are going to replace all the euro bills one at a time. I suppose they will replace the 10 euro bill next, may be in a couple of years or next year.

I might start writing a letter tonight, or else tomorrow.

It’s nice to have summer holiday from the studying. šŸ˜€

It’s been a weird weather today… Cold but warm at the same time. I took the jacket when I went to town with the bike and yes, a jacket was needed. But at times, the jacket was too much and I had to open the zipper or remove it all together, because I was so warm. It’s pretty sunny but at the same time there are some clouds. May be it will rain tonight. A pretty strong wind too.


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