Formula one

That was a disaster for Kimi Räikkönen. 😦 9th in the race, while Vettel won (again) and Alonso was second. Kimi had problems with his brakes and the fuel and on top of it all, the men in the pitstop screwed up, forcing Kimi to stay still for 7 seconds! Pitstops shouldn’t be more than 2-3 seconds… Of course Alonso is now second after Vettel. Kimi is third, far behind Vettel. 😦

Yes, I know, this was GP 7 of 19… Anything can still happen. But when Vettel is never unlucky. And his car is what it is. Kimi has now scored 3 points in two races or something. I don’t remember how many points Alonso and Vettel has scored in the last two races. But lots more than Kimi.

It was a boring race too. Nothing much happened. 😦 Not even safety car had to come.

And Valtteri Bottas finished 14th or something, after starting from P3! Well, I knew he would not stay so high up, but 14th is disappointing. 

This GP I want to forget as soon as possible. Now it’s three weeks until the next race, wherever that is. During these three weeks I hope Lotus find the answers to their problems and practice a lot on their pitstops…

Tomorrow I’m gonna work. Don’t know how many hours. We’ll see. Don’t know how many days either; if it is only tomorrow or on Tuesday as well. Depends on when the librarian is well enough to come back to work.

It’s 11 pm. I should sleep now, but don’t think it will be easy… I’m in a bad mood and not tired at all.



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