School work :(

I am melting into a pool of water… 😦

I went to the library and the supermarket earlier today, came home with sweat running down the face and the back. Took a cool shower, which was heavenly nice (!). In the afternoon I had to go to the local grocery store, because I had forgot something. I just got back. Same thing, sweating like a pig… I don’t know what temperature it is. A lot!

And now I have to finish the school work. 😦 It’s time consuming. I pretty much know what I’ll write, but it takes time to write. When I’ve finished the school work I have “summer holiday” until September! 😀

Soon I have to put the chicken legs in the oven. Well, I just did it. 50 minutes. Then I can eat them with rice and curry sauce. Yummy!

Before that I am longing for a large glass of ice cold water! But I don’t know if we have any ice cubes in the freezer. Don’t think so. 😦 Must check anyway.

I got five scissors in the mail today! 😀 The package was too wide for the mail slot, so the mailman rang on the doorbell. 🙂 That was kind of him! I am a member of a club for people who likes embroidery. Every second month you get a little brochure which you can order from. Usually it’s embroideries, but they also have threads, fabrics and other things. This time I ordered the scissors, because you are not suppose to cut paper with embroidery scissors for example. They get unsharp if you mix the materials. The scissors will not cut the thread as good if you have cut paper with them too. Which is exactly what I did. 😦 So now, I am going to make small tags for the scissors, so I know what to use them for. One for embroidery thread, one for paper, one for fabrics, one for plastic and may be one for cardboard paper.

Well, enough of this! I have to get back to the school stuff. 😦 One more day, then I can relax and don’t think about education for months! 😀

UPDATE: I’m done! 😀 And I returned the school books to the library. I don’t want to look at any school books for a long time now!

It’s cloudy now and much cooler. I thought it would start raining, but so far no rain. May be later in the evening.


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