Thunder :D

Thunder :D

First thunderstorm for the summer, on the first day of the summer months! πŸ™‚ Around 1 pm it started raining and there were some thunder and lightnings as well. It was over in about 30 minutes.

I took some pictures of the clouds. As soon as I saw the dark blue sky I knew it was thunder on the way. Quickly the dark clouds appeared. A few minutes there were heavy rain as well. I would like to get a lightning on photo, but I guess I would have to randomly take pictures and hope for the best. There were not that many lightnings today.

May be there will be some more rain showers throughout the day.

Niki thought it was best to hide under mum’s bed. πŸ™‚

I guess my sister and her husband is still running around in Stockholm, unless they have stopped for some reason.

I might go to their house in a couple of hours. I will hear then if they ran all the 42195 meters and what their positions were. Mum is going to make pancakes for the kids, so I want some too. πŸ˜€

UPDATE: I spent a couple of hours with mum and the kids. It started raining when I went there with the bike, so I was pretty wet when I got there. We ate pancakes and watched some TV. When the sun started shining we went out in the garden. But the mosquitoes were insane! Argh! I hate mosquitoes!! 😦 I was may be 5-10 minutes in the garden. Then I went home again. I couldn’t stand those icky little flying devils…

Both finished the marathon. πŸ˜€ My sister finished in 4 hours and 28 minutes, her husband in 4 hours 31 minutes. They ran together at least 35 km, then she started running faster. We were a bit worried at one point, because the chips didn’t register them at 25 km. So we thought they might have both stopped after half the run. But suddenly the chips registered them at 30 km, so we knew then that they were still running.


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