Computer crocheting

Computer crocheting

I started crocheting this cute little computer last night and finished it this morning! 🙂 It is from the book “Happy Cute” by Annie Obaachan, so look for the book in the library or online if you want a computer too!

I love that the computer mouse is in fact a mouse. 🙂

I was not completely sure how to make the computer, especially the base, so I improvised a little. It’s basically two rectangles (the screen and the back) and a long white strip between. The base I made a larger rectangle (almost square), folded it in half and stitched three sides together. I also filled the base with some cotton to make it thicker.

Last night I rented a movie from the movie rental shop. I watched “Extremely loud and incredibly close”. It was a very good movie. 🙂 For those who don’t know what it is; it’s a boy who lost his dad in 9/11. About a year after he finds a key and wants to know where the key goes and what might be locked up in there.

I have the book which the movie is based on, so I am sure I will read the book soon.

I must, once again, sleep one night at my sister’s house. They decided to go to the north of Sweden today and watch Jonas who is playing in a soccer tournament. I think they are coming back tomorrow, but I am not sure.

I will watch some formula one before I go there. I can watch the qualifying there later if I take with me the card for the digital box.

But I have to return the movie to the shop before I go to Albin.

I decided not to make any paper cranes yesterday. I made the computer instead. So I will take some papers with me to Albin, so I can fold some cranes today and may be tomorrow.

I really hope Kimi will be on the podium tomorrow! Because he promised, that if he is on the podium tomorrow, he will reveal his new haircut! 😀 So far he has kept a cap on his head all time.

So come on Kimi! Be on the podium tomorrow!!

Paper cranes

I have so far not made any paper cranes today. But I suppose I will make some later today. Yesterday I made 45 cranes, and now I have 455 in total. 😀 It’s getting closer.

Watched some Formula 1 today, but it rained the entire free practice session and Kimi Räikkönen didn’t even bother driving one lap… The next practice session starts in about 25 minutes. Will watch it, but may be not so much.

I should start thinking about dinner. But don’t really have an appetite. May be I’ll macaronis and minced meat. 

Later tonight I am going to eat strawberries. 🙂

Delicious! :D

Today I made “only” 30 cranes, meaning I now have a total of 410 cranes! 🙂 I could have made more, but will spend the rest of the evening doing other things.

Ate some Italian soft strawberry ice cream today. Mmmmmm!!!!! So delicious! I’ll definitely get some more of it another day. 😀

A few drops of rain at the moment. It’s okay. We need more rain and water. 

Paper cranes

60 cranes on Monday and 65 cranes on Tuesday = 125 cranes in two days! 😀 Pretty good! 🙂 How many will I make today? May be less, may be more.

Don’t know how many I have at this point. Should count them all today. I guess between 350 and 400.

Looks like it might be a pretty warm day today. 🙂 The sky is clear blue.

Still coughing a bit and I have to blow my nose several times a day, but it’s getting better. Yesterday I went to the library with the bike.

Today I will go to the market square. They will have a European food market from today until July 7 I think. I visited the food market last year in another town, so I know they will have some “exotic” food, Italian ice cream, dried fruits and flowers… We’ll see.

Not feeling very good

It’s difficult sleeping when you are sweating and coughing. But my body temperature is only a little higher than normal. Mum would not call it fever. 

Just took some cough syrup. Hope it helps. The throat seems to be better today, but the dripping nose is worse. And I sneeze and sneeze and sneeze…

Good thing is, yesterday I made 50 paper cranes! 😀 That has to be my record so far. 🙂 I have 255 cranes now. So if I make 45 today I will have 300 when I go to bed! 

The electricity was gone a few minutes a while ago. That doesn’t happen every day, but on the other hand it’s not so uncommon either. 

I should return some books  to the library today. May be I just walk up the street to the nearby library. 

Sore throat

So nice to be home again. 🙂 Nothing is better than your own bed! I will go to bed early tonight. It was pretty uncomfortable to sleep on the couch last night.

I didn’t come home until after 5 pm. Don’t know when my sister’s family got home, but she called and said I could take Albin out for a walk and then go home.

Early in the morning there were some thunder, lightnings and very heavy rain. Around 2 pm there was another heavy shower of rain, but the sun has also been shining at times. And the wind is very strong!

I have a sore throat now. 😦 And my nose is running and I have sneezed a number of times today. Must take some medicine now before it breaks out with full force.

Midsummer evening

My company for the midsummer, the dog Albin (see picture in earlier post), is sleeping. And boy can he snore! 😀 He is snoring worse than some humans I know! 

I am sitting in my nephew Jonas’ room and he is snoring on the rug next to me. There was some problems with the Internet earlier today, and I wasn’t able to open it until pretty late in the evening. My sister happened to call and she described what I could try to make Internet work again.

I have just watched a 15 minutes tutorial on Youtube… I REALLY want to solve Rubik’s cube! Jonas is an expert on solving the cubes, so he has several cubes. I can borrow one of them tomorrow and really try to do what they are doing in the video.

I am waiting for a program to start on TV. It’s a Swedish TV-series called “Skärgårdsdoktorn”. Its actually an old series, it ran many years ago, but every now and then they have reruns. I have seen the episodes many times but they are so good that I want to watch them again. It’s about a doctor who has worked in Africa. He returns to an island in the archipelago. He also brings his daughter Wilma, who is around 12 I think. The man will take over the post as doctor from his father-in-law. His wife remains in Africa where she too is a doctor. So the TV-series is basically about the life on the islands and all the problems the doctor is facing with the other inhabitants, the daughter etc. It’s very good and it was very popular when the series ran all those years ago. It will start in 25 minutes and is one hour long.

After that I will take a quick walk with Albin and then try to sleep. Because then it will be nearly midnight.

Not sure when I will go home tomorrow. We’ll see. It depends on how long they plan to stay in the summer cottage with their friends.

Please remember to answer the poll from the previous post! I do want to know what part of the world you come from. I know I have covered countries in at least Europe, North America and Africa.