Too warm!

It was +26 C in the shadow when I got home from work almost an hour ago. Suddenly the temperature dropped to +23 and there’s a strong wind. 🙂 It’s also very cloudy, so I really, really hope there will be at least some rain. A nice thunder storm would be excellent! 😀 But I don’t think we’ll have more than a few drops.

The final of Let’s Dance tonight. I hope Markoolio will win. But I guess the other young man has a big chance of winning too. Usually my favorites don’t win that competition.

Soon the macaroni and minced meat will be ready. Great! I am very hungry! 

Mum will be staying at my sister’s house now until sunday. My sister and her husband are on their way to Stockholm. Tomorrow they will for the second time run the Stockholm Marathon. 🙂 So mum will look after the kids and the dog. I might go there tomorrow for a while. 


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