Helicopter ride!!

Today I did something that I will probably never in my life get another chance at doing… I was a passenger in a helicopter! 😀 

It was a bit nervous… But AWESOME! It only took about 5-6 minutes, flying over the town. The helicopter was blue and there were room for the pilot and three passengers at a time. I sat in the front, next to the pilot, behind me sat a couple. 

It was fun watching the town from a new perspective. I could see the whole town at once. On a soccer field tiny little “ants” were playing soccer. Boats were not more than a few centimeters at most. The houses much smaller than matchboxes. 

I don’t know how high up we were. It didn’t seem that high. The company that owns the helicopter will visit towns all over the country this summer and today was Vasa’s turn to get a visit.

I didn’t really like when the helicopter turned, as the whole machine leaned, and there were a lot of noise, especially when you waited for your turn and the helicopter landed and took off from the ground. 

But I am very happy that I did it. 🙂 Now I can say that I have flown in a helicopter! 😀 I have been in an airplane before. Well, two planes, in the same day, flying from Prague to Helsinki and from Helsinki to Vasa. But it was in 1999 I think and I don’t remember any of it.

In an hour the dinner will be ready and then there’s the F1 in Monaco in a couple of hours. I hope it will be an interesting race today. Surely the safety car will come at least once. 


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