Kimi Räikkönen :)

I love Kimi Räikkönen! 😀 He is so funny! Today he said that he doesn’t use Facebook and he would like to throw away his mobile phone. 🙂 He keeps it on silent mode all the time and hates when people call. He said that before there were phone boots on the streets and they managed to live a good life still, without mobile phones and Facebook. I agree 100 % with Kimi! 

By the way, can you name all the countries of the world?

I got 100 % today, for the first time! 😀 And I didn’t cheat! Now, if I could only learn all the capitals as well. I know probably about 130, so that I can put them in the correct countries.  Then I know a lot more capitals, but I can’t place them in a country.

Nice that it has been a little cooler the last few days. Last night there were a few drops of rain. 

Tomorrow I am going to a market on the market square in town. Usually it rains when they have these markets, but we’ll see what the weather is tomorrow.

It’s weird that they drive on Thursdays in Monaco, but not on Fridays. F1, I mean. Kimi did okay today. Rosberg was fastest both times, but they usually don’t do good in the races. 


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