It has been warm these last days. At least +23 C during the warmest hours of the day. I am feeling warm and sweaty almost all the time. This apartment is quite warm during summer. It was cooler in the apartment I lived in a few years ago. 

The warmth makes it difficult to sleep. Some days I wish I could put a mattress on the balcony and sleep there. That would for sure be much cooler than sleeping in my room. May be I will do it some night later in the summer when it is very hot outside.

My cat is not enjoying the warmth either. Poor guy! He has such a thick fur on his body. He likes to stay on the balcony in the evening when it is a bit cooler there. I hope he drinks a lot of water. I try to change the water several times a day, so it is fresh and cold. 

Today i took the bicycle and went to a large flea market outside of town. I don’t know, may be it took me 40-50 minutes to go there with the bike. I found a few things to but, among other things a sudoku game, magnetic. 

But my arms are a little redder than they probably should be. When I went with the bike the wind was pretty strong, but it felt lovely, the breeze. When I went home it was much warmer. I’ll have to remember to buy some sun oil tomorrow.

Yesterday was my nephew Jonas’ 15th birthday. 🙂 He is my sister’s eldest son. He is currently learning how to drive a scooter, but I don’t know when he will get the license to drive it. We will celebrate him next weekend. 

I’ve read more than half of Dan Brown’s Inferno. I really enjoy it. 

I crocheted a bird a few nights ago. It only took me 2-3 hours to finish. I’ll see if I put a picture of it here some day. 

I have noticed that WordPress is very slow late at night. May be if so many people are logged in at once. 

Now I am going to drink a glass of cold apple juice. I am feeling very warm at the moment. Then I will try to sleep. But I am not sure if I can sleep. I might have to throw the duvet on the floor… There is no use having the small window open. It doesn’t help a bit. 


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