A nerve-wracking night!

Whoa… Two quarterfinals in ice hockey and then a semifinal in Eurovision Song Contest! First I watched the Finland-Slovakia game. It looked good at 3-0. It looked very dark at 3-3. But, once again, in some weird unexpected way, the Lions managed to win a game! 😀 4-3 in the end. 

After the Finnish game I watched the Sweden-Canada game. 2-2 after full time, 2-2 after overtime… Sweden was a little better in the shoot outs or penalty shots or whatever they are called.

So, Finland-Sweden in the semifinal on Saturday! 😀 In a way I think it is better for Finland to get Sweden rather than Canada. They have met Sweden so many times and well, I guess it will be a 50-50 chance who wins. I do hope Finland wins. 

In the other semifinal there will be USA vs Switzerland. The Swiss team have played excellent the whole tournament. But I think the USA will be slightly better. 

When the Swedish game was over, I turned over to the ESC, just in time to hear the ten finalists. Finland was the seventh or eighth name they called. So it was a long wait… I have no idea how she will do on Saturday. If she is having a really good day, it might be top 15. 

Bought  a pillow today. 🙂 I am crocheting a pillow case. It’s a very large granny square. Well, two of course, one for each side of the pillow. I am using the same yarn as for the blanket, so they will match nicely. 🙂 The pillow is 50 x 50 cm, so the granny square will of course have to be the same size. One side of the pillow will be white-pink-red, while the other side will be white-turquoise-blue.

It’s 20 minutes past midnight. So I’d better go to bed now… 


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