Finland-Latvia ice hockey

The Lions made things difficult for themselves in tonight’s game against Latvia. 3-2 after overtime. But they got two points and that was enough the secure the victory in group Helsinki. šŸ™‚ Now they play the quarter final against Slovakia on Thursday. They can’t make any mistakes then! Very happy that Mikael Granlund scored a goal (the 2-1 goal) in power play! šŸ˜€Ā 

Have been spending a lot of time today reading Dan Brown’s Inferno, the fourth Langdon novel that was released today! šŸ˜€ I have read about 70 pages and really, really enjoy it! But it’s going to take me several days to finish. The book shop opened at 9.30 am. I was there 5 minutes later. Didn’t see the book anywhere in the shop… šŸ˜¦ Turned out they hadn’t unpacked the books yet! šŸ™‚ All the copies were still in cardboard boxes! I’ll continue reading tomorrow.Ā 

Colored a few mandalas tonight while watching the ice hockey. šŸ™‚ Every now and then I enjoy coloring mandalas.

I guess the first semi final for the Eurovision Song Contest is still going on… But I’m not gonna watch it. Neither will I watch the second semi final on Thursday. Only if the ice hockey and the singing competition doesn’t collide. I am not sure the Finnish woman will make it to the final on Saturday. (I assume the final is on Saturday…)

It has been a rainy day, especially in the evening.Ā 

I’d better sleep now. Soon it will be midnight.Ā 


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