Busy weekend

On Saturday I looked after my nephew Alec, from around 10 am to around 6 pm. It went pretty well. 🙂 He slept two and a half hours. While he was sleeping I made a strawberry pie. I would have liked a blueberry pie better, but of course the local grocery store didn’t have any blueberries. I went there with Alec before noon and I didn’t want to go anywhere else with him. But the pie was good. I tasted a piece in the evening. 

We watched both the F1 qualifying and the ice hockey game between Finland and Austria. Well, I watched. Alec played with some toys in the living room. He likes to watch F1 cars, because he likes when they crash and pieces of the cars are flying around. 🙂 He doesn’t find ice hockey nearly as interesting. Then he went home before the game was over, so I watched the last part of the game alone. 

When the game was over I took my bike and went looking for margarine, because I ran out of it when I made the pie. But I forgot that some shops close at 6 pm on Saturdays. The one across the street is open until 9 pm, but I wanted to go to another shop. I eventually found a store that was open and I bought the margarine. 

Alec was with my sister’s family on Sunday. So I had plenty of time to finish my book project. 🙂 During the week there have been piles of books here and there in the apartment as I have been going through them and rearranging my book shelf a bit. So I finished that and watched the Formula 1 GP in Spain.

Kimi finished second, again. Five races so far in the season and Kimi has been second already three times! He has one victory (from Australia) and then he finished 7th I think in one of the races. As always he is disappointed with the second places. He only wants to win. 🙂 Now he is only four points behind Vettel.

Mum came home from Sweden around 6.30 pm. I didn’t expect the whole of my sister’s family and Alec to come as well! They had all been to the port to pick her up. The cat went nuts of course. (“Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow…”) He almost lost his voice. 😀 

Lucky I had that strawberry pie! It all disappeared quickly! It was a little tiring to all of a sudden have four kids and three more adults in the house, after having been alone for over a week! Later my brother came, but he just stayed for a little while and my sister’s family went home pretty quickly too. 

Now I’m going to the library. As I went through my books I noticed several doubles. I mean, I had two copies of the same novel. I knew I had that, I just hadn’t found them. There were also a few books that I had in another language. So I had one book in Swedish and the same book in Finnish, for example. So now I will take 12 books to the main library. They have a table there, where you can bring your books and then take a book home with you. Basically I could take 12 books with me home from the library today, but I am not going to do that. I might find two or three. 

Looking forward to the Finnish ice hockey game tomorrow. They are playing against Latvia. Should be a pretty easy game. But mostly I look forward to Mikael Granlund (Minnesota Wild, Houston Aeros) joining the team. 😀 After the Latvia game they start with the “win or go home -games”. In the quarter finals they will probably meet United States or Russia, depending on how the other teams play the remaining games. It will of course be difficult. They lost against the US but won over Russia. 

Over the weekend I practiced some scoubidou techniques. I now know two techniques, but I will try some more before I start making animals and figures.


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