Ice hockey

I am watching the game between Finland and Russia now. I have to admit, I was pessimistic, as I think Russia will win the world championship this year. But at the moment, after two periods it’s 3-1 for Finland. But still 20 minutes to play. Anything can happen.

Unfortunately I can not watch Let’s Dance because of the Finnish game. But I will watch it tomorrow. So I will try not to visit any Swedish tabloids. I don’t want to know the result. They are only five more dancers, so one of my favorite dancers might be sent home tonight. One of them is injured and the other has been arguing with her dance partner, so everything is not okay between them.

I went to the flea market today to get my money. 🙂 Then I went to a library outside of the town, because I wanted to borrow two books about scoubidou. I know only the very basics, but I want to learn more.

As I came from the library it started to rain and it rained pretty much when I got home, so I was pretty wet.

This weekend they are driving Formula 1 in Spain. I watched the first free practice, but not the second practice from the beginning, as I was in the library. It was raining a bit during the first practice. Hope it will stay dry the rest of the weekend. How sad that team Lotus lost their technical director. 😦 Hope it won’t affect Raikkonen’s chances of fighting for the world championship this year.

Tomorrow I will babysit my nephew Alec, who is two years. We’ll see how it goes. I hope he can sleep a few hours around noon.


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