Busy day!

I went to take all my things from the flea market today. It was a little difficult to get all the stuff with the bike… I had to walk with the bike. I had my backpack, two plastic bags and a plastic basket. :I But now all the things are back home and I have removed all the price tags.

On Friday I’ll go back to the flea market and get my money! šŸ˜€ And I already know how much I will get, because they told me: 79 euros and 20 cent! šŸ˜€ Before I started selling I thought I would be happy if I got around 40 euros. Well, 79,20 is almost double that sum. šŸ™‚ So yes, I am happy with what I’ll get!

Now the rice is boiling on the stove. I will soon make some chicken and a sauce. After that I have to make the dishes and put away some stuff in my room.

In a couple of hours Finland will play against the USA in ice hockey. But I have to admit, I am pessimistic. The United States will probably win. Then the lions will have another difficult game against Russia, who I predict will win the world championship this year.

Tomorrow all the shops will be closed, as it is some holiday. So I just came back from the store across the street. I had to buy some food for tomorrow.

Well, time to make some dinner. I am very hungry. I usually don’t eat this late in the afternoon, but I had so much to do before I could start making dinner.


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